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Rocky Mountain Hemp (RMH) is an agricultural company based out of Springfield, Colorado, that focuses on industrial hemp farming. In 2103, RMH was the first incorporated company to grow, harvest and process a commercial hemp crop in Colorado in over four decades. We are currently developing seed varieties for the ever-expanding American hemp industry on our 900 acre farm on the southeastern plains of Colorado.  By leading the industrial hemp farming industry, RMH is committed to aiding family farmers in small towns across America.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Rocky Mountain Hemp is collaborating with Western Fiber Inc. (WF) to develop multiple products including a hemp/cellulose insulation.  Western Fiber has an over 40 year history in the cellulose insulation industry.  Western Fiber has also been a livestock feed formulator throughout their history.  With our innovative and unique products, RMH and WF plan on being leaders in the newly developing  American hemp building material industry. 

Hemp CBD Capsules

High Omega Hemp Seeds

Hemp Plant Anatomy

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