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Rocky Mountain Hemp Inc. was founded by Ryan Loflin, a 4th generation farmer, born and raised in the Southeast corner of Colorado. Ryan has been engaged in the construction industry as a business owner and operator for over 20 years.  Ryan returned to the family farm in 2013 and led the way for future hemp farmers by planting and successfully harvesting the first Colorado hemp crop in 57 years.


Rocky Mountain Hemp is also an advocate for alternative energies and implements the use of renewable energy sources to power our farm and processing facilities.  Since our company is based in Springfield CO, there are abundant sources of wind and solar energy to be harnessed. 


Leading The Hemp Revolution

Due to an outdated and misguided Federal policy dating from the early 20th century, U.S. farmers were prevented from growing the hemp crop, thereby crushing a very profitable and sustainable industry right at the beginning of a very large growth period in American history.  In 2014 when the US Farm Bill passed, hemp farming was allowed by institutions of higher to grow hemp for research and development purposes.  The United States is the #1 consumer of hemp products, but the only industrialized nation that can not growing hemp.  The time is ripe for revolutionary changes to the farming industry. There is a significant demand for the many products of hemp farming- hemp seeds that are very high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, human and animal food sources, textiles, building materials, CBD medication and countless body care products.  The market for hemp is over $600 million in annual sales, and it continues to rise annually.  Rocky Mountain Hemp is leading the industry and providing several hemp products, promoting a healthy planet, encouraging a healthy population, while stimulating the nation‘s economy.

Rocky Mountain Hemp continues to assist the industry by offering consulting services for all aspects of  hemp production, including high CBD flower crops, as well as seed and fiber production.  We will be providing an economic stimulus through the jobs that we create in all phases of our production.  We will be providing a natural source of healthy products utilizing the natural healing properties of  hemp seed, CBD flower and hemp fiber for composite materials. We will be saving America from the excessive spending that is associated with importing hemp from abroad. We will stand up for the rights of our farmers and consumers to have access to the hemp crop as a sensible source of income and health. We will lead the way.

In 2014, Ryan Loflin was honored to be invited to participate in the History Channel's H2 educational series "10 Things You Don't Know" hosted by Henry Rollins. 

Hemp Renews Soil

Hemp Seeds

Renewable Hemp Fuel

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