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Industrial Hemp Farming and Production

Industrial hemp farming and production was once a source of economic vitality within the United States and across.the globe. This industry has been dormant for over 60 years, until now.  Ryan whole heatedly believes that industrial hemp will save the American family farm.  Industrial hemp will give the family farmer another option when choosing what crops to produce. Hemp is an extremely useful tool that farmer's can pull out of the toolbox and make an impact on the farm.  Hemp will  allow  to farmers to further diversify the farm and increase annual revenues.  The key word is "Less".  less fertilizer, less water consumption, less chemical inputs and less competition.  This in the end means MORE profit .  One other thing that hemp brings to the farm that no other crop can bring is HOPE!  Which in many cases on today's family farm hope has been an emotion form the past.  "Hemp is the single most import crop I will see in my lifetime."  Ryan Loflin    

Farming Organically

It is important to note that the hemp plant has a natural defense built in for combating insects.  In a nutshell, this defense system comes from the chemical compounds THC and CBD and the many other cannabinoids.  So little pesticides are needed.  Organic fungicides, or herbicides and pesticides are available to help control insects, powder mildew and weeds.  Hemp also uses much less water and fertilization then many other crops.  

Working the same farm as my Grandfather. 

Rocky Mountain Hemp's farming and ranching operations are located on the family farm in Springfield, CO that the Loflins have farmed for over 75 years.  Ryan has tapped into the countless of benefits that the hemp plant has to offer and implemented this back on this historical farm.  The world economy, and the population of the entire planet will reap the rewards of hemp farming.

Further Benefits of Hemp Farming

When used in crop rotation, hemp revitalizes the soil that it is grown in by releasing carbon dioxide, while introducing oxygen and the decomposing roots place organic matter into the soil.  Crops almost always have increased yields when they follow an industrial hemp crop.  Another very useful attribute of the hemp plant is the a healthy canopy.  The hemp canopy grows so rapidly, there is less weed control necessary when farming hemp.  The hemp root system also makes huge impact in the soil.  The tap root can reach lengths over two feet long, this helps break up compacted soil. Then after the hemp crops are harvested, the root stays in the ground then breaks down over the winter  introducing nutrients into the soil. 

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